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Hawai'i Blank Greeting Card | 5" X 5"

Hawai'i Blank Greeting Card | 5" X 5"

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Hawai'i is one of 10 pieces that make up the Wanderlust Series. The entire series is a meditation on my past travels to different locations around the world.

The memories I reflected upon for Hawaii, include a field of fallen yellow flowers at a Honolulu botanical garden, a spectacular sunrise from Maui's Haleakalā National Park and a moment of pure bliss at Hanalei Pier in Kauai. The last three photos show these inspirations.

I selected round canvases to reinforce my belief that time is circular. Each painting reflects on a location and three memories or photos from that trip. The swirling look of each painting is like a hazy portal into the past. By utilizing mirror paint in the center of each painting, I invite viewers to become participants—allowing them to transport themselves into my memory and “traveling” to a different place.

This is a high-quality 5 X 5-inch blank greeting card of the original painting Hawai'i. The card comes in a protective plastic sleeve with a perfectly-sized envelope, ready to send to someone special in your life.

Please note that cards with these dimensions require additional postage to send in the United States. The current photo is of the digital scan of Hawai'i. The back of the card will have the Shreeniverse logo and website.

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